Community Challenge Grant


The Thing 123 Foundation has partnered with the Elmhurst-Community Challenge Grant. The goal of this grant program is to encourage business and community leaders within Elmhurst and the other seven communities served by the pantry to actively join in the fight against hunger affecting our neighbors.  This Grant will match donations made by Business, and Community organizations toward helping the EYFP build a new Community Food Pantry facility.  The Foundation will match one dollar for every two dollars donated, with a maximum of $100,000 donated by the Foundation through this grant.


Hunger is a silent epidemic that affects too many people in our community - children, working parents and seniors. Hunger and the availability of nutritious food is a serious problem in our communities, whether we want to recognize it or not. You know someone who is hungry! Too many times our neighbors have to choose between food and gas, rent and medicine, with the result being they go hungry each day. For over 30 years, the Elmhurst-Yorkfield Food Pantry has been committed to helping people facing these choices, and continues to grow each year to meet the challenges of those in need.

  • Hunger is not just a Chicago problem, or an inner city problem, or a rural problem. Talking with community leaders, school administrators, and church leaders, they are all keenly aware of that hunger is a problem in Elmhurst and the broader community.  

  • Since 1999, the number of people living in poverty in the communities served by the Northern Illinois Food Banks has increased more than 50% to over 300,000 people, or 1 in 10 people in our communities.  

  • The demand for EYFPs services continues to grow. In just a little more than four years the number of clients served per month grew from 80 to 389. 

  • Hunger affects all parts of our community, the elderly, children, and families. 

  • The Pantry provides over 200,000 meals annually to our neighbors in Elmhurst and seven surrounding communities: Addison, Bensenville, Berkeley, Hillside, Lombard, and Oak Brook.

As one of the largest hunger relief organizations in Eastern DuPage County, the Elmhurst-Yorkfield Food Pantry has grown from a faith-based mission of the Yorkfield Presbyterian Church to an independent, community-based food pantry with a broad reach in the communities it serves. Even with the EYFPs hard work, the present demands already exceed the help that can be provided through its current facility.    

The Elmhurst-Yorkfield Food Pantry Needs Your Help

Unfortunately, While the EYFP has been able to increasingly meet the challenges of growing numbers of hungry neighbors, the current facility, located in the basement of a house on the current YPC property, provides major challenges.   The inefficient design and lack of space at the 40 year old building present a roadblock to helping more hungry people.  To learn more about the challenges faced by the Food Bank serving the people in our community, click on the icon below:

  • The current facility is small, cramped, providing inadequate space, power, and storage needs  

  • The current facility as no capability to service and accommodate its clients with disabilities.  

  • There is no indoor waiting area. Currently, clients must wait outside, no matter the weather, in full view of traffic on York Road. This is hardly an environment to support our neighbors with dignity and respect. 

  • There is limited ability to handle the large amounts of food gathered through food drives, which requires inspection and sorting prior to making available to help our neighbors. 

The Pantry has undertaken the bold step of planning for a new Community Food Pantry to be constructed at the same location in south Elmhurst. This facility will accommodate the needs of the hungry for years to come. It will feature increased storage capacity, an efficiently-designed layout geared towards food handling, an indoor waiting area for clients, more space for refrigerated/frozen storage, and improved volunteer areas for increased production. Simply put, building this new facility will allow the EYFP to potentially double in the near term its food distribution to the increasing numbers of hungry people in our community The Yorkfield Presbyterian Church has donated the property for the facility. Now the EFYP needs to raise the funds to build this facility, estimated at $875,000.  

The Thing 123 Foundation Is Committed The Thing 123 Foundation is committed to this projects success. The EYFPs ability to feed hungry children is core to our mission. It is with great enthusiasm that we have initiated the Community Challenge Grant to benefit the Elmhurst-Yorkfield Food Pantry. The Thing 123 Foundation encourages business and community leaders to support this project by matching all donations made by business and community organizations with a goal of providing matching funds totaling $100,000.

How Can You Get Involved?

Hungry people in Elmhurst and the rest of northern Illinois need your support to make this vision possible.  This grant will make a significant difference in the lives of our hungry neighbors, but without you getting involved, it will remain just a vision.  You can get involved by:
  • Learning more about hunger in our communities

  • Talking about hunger and the needs of hungry people in our communities

  • Volunteering your time in the fight against hunger in our communities. The EYFP has many opportunities for individuals and groups to volunteer.

We hope you will join us in supporting the fight against hunger in our community. If you wish to download a brochure describing the Community Challenge Grant and get a pledge form to help out the NIFB and qualify for the match from the Foundation, please click on the Foundation logo below. You can also visit the EYFP website to get more information or to donate directly by clicking on the EYFP logo below.

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